Teaching Analytics to NYC Employees: Excel as a Tool for Summarizing Data

This blog post is part of a series of posts I’m doing outlining the experiences I’ve had in a year of teaching analytics classes to NYC employees. For more information on the courses I teach, see the Github repository of course outlines and other important information as well as the other posts in this series. I […]

Teaching with Intention

As a life-long student, I’ve been in many classes where the instructor approached a lecture like a monologue scripted beforehand and (attempted to be) delivered flawlessly. The experience was stale and uninteresting. Despite the best efforts of the instructor, I’m sure I retained little if any of the information he or she presented mostly because […]

Landmarks on the Road of Progress

As I mention in my About section, I consider myself a data scientist in training.  I worked as a data analyst and did about as much as a non-programmer can do with Excel, including creating macros, writing in-cell formulas, and pushing Pivot Tables to their upward limit of functionality.  I applied to graduate school in order […]