ST_BUFFER_METERS: The PostGIS function you didn’t know you needed

After spending the better part of the day trying to get my projections right so I could draw a 100 meter buffer around points for 311 noise complaints for bars, clubs, and restaurants in New York City, I found these gems I’d like to share: They come from GIS Tutor and were a lifesaver.  ST_BUFFER is […]

Spatial Demographic Data – Weighting Demographics with PostGIS

This is part of a series of posts I’m doing on Census Bureau Demographic Data for Developers based on my experience creating a database of Census Data as part of my summer internship at In a previous post, I discussed the idea behind what I’m calling “spatial weighting”, which is basically taking a percentage of the demographics […]

Server Status Tool – pgAdmin’s Best Kept Secret

I was surprised recently to find that many of the engineers I worked with weren’t aware of the Server Status tool in pgAdmin.  This seems to be true of many people who work with PostgreSQL by the paucity of mentions in blog entries.  Server Status allows you to monitor your host in near real-time.  I […]

What I Wish They Told Us About dblink

Generally speaking, the PostgreSQL documentation is great, but every so often, I come across some glaring omissions that cost me 20 minutes or so of poking around and guessing before I find the answer. For those who don’t know about dblink, it’s a function in PostgreSQL that allows you to connect to a different database […]