You going to enumerate that?

Following my last post on OrderedDict in Python, I came across another useful technique for working with data in Python, the enumerate function. In C++, using an index to reference data is second nature, but in Python with list comprehensions. For example: mylist = [‘foo’,’bar’,’boo’] for i in mylist: print i >>>foo bar boo This returns the […]

In Praise of Simplicity

I’ve finally been able to start getting caught up on my podcasts and just listened to Walter Isaacson’s interview with Terry Gross on NPR’s Fresh Air (yes, I have podcasts from over a year ago I still haven’t listened to).  Pulling nuggets of wisdom and insight from Steve Job’s life is like finding seashells on the […]

When the fundamentals really do matter (to 311 million Americans and the world)

What does it take to build a massive, never-before-seen behemoth of a campaign contribution and voter mobilization management platform? Millions of dollars spent on outside consultants to build from the top down or considerably less hiring an army of senior technologists to build from the bottom up? Anyone who’s read any of the post-election analysis of the respective systems […]