Mapping NYCT Bus Transit Sheds

Alon Levy left a comment on my post earlier today about NYCT Subway transit sheds asking about bus travel. The code I’d written to access the Census API was easy to customize and I just swapped out the subway trips for bus to get this map:


Map of Census Tracts colored by percentage of the population 16 and over who travel to work by bus. (Sources 2013 ACS 5-Year Estimates and NYC Department of City Planning; map hosted on CartoDB)

As I mentioned in my previous post, relatively few people on Staten Island seemed to report using the Staten Island Railroad to get to work. It seems many more are using the bus to get to work, maybe the express buses to Brooklyn and Manhattan. The areas not served by a subway line in Southeastern Brooklyn seem to show more usage of the bus, but there is probably an even more interesting story about how the people in these neighborhoods get to and from work. There’s probably also an interesting story about Maspeth and Middle Village which seem to use the bus a little more but still not as much. They’re either not working outside the area or they’re using private vehicles to get to work.

Feel free to comment on either of these posts and let me know what you think.

UPDATE: In addition to the subway transit map from earlier today, I also created a map of vehicle commuters using the same data and methods with some interesting results.

2 thoughts on “Mapping NYCT Bus Transit Sheds

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