Using OpenRefine to geocode your data with Google and OpenStreetMap API

I’ve been using OpenRefine in my classes and it’s a great tool for data cleaning. This is a great post showing the steps to perform a very common task with data, showing how easy it is to do geocoding in OpenRefine.

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open data2

In the previous article we saw how to take our comma-separated list of google contacts, and play with them using OpenRefine. We learned how to do things like filtering, faceting, normalizing data, removing duplicate rows and other pretty common tasks.

In this article we will see how to use OpenRefine to enrich our datasets with data from any web service available on line.


We will geocode each contact using google maps web service. For each address we will get the whole json response and we will learn to parse it, extract the coordinates, and save them in a latitude and longitude columns.

Preparing our address column

This is how our dataset looked like after all the cleaning up we did in our previous article.

dataset start
You can see that we have an address column that we are going to use for georeferencing.

A good advice before georeferencing a dataset, is to…

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