Demographics Around 7-Eleven Stores in Manhattan

This is part of a series of posts I’m doing on Census Bureau Demographic Data for Developers based on my experience creating a database of Census Data as part of my summer internship at

In a previous post, I used the example of creating 100 meter buffers around the 17 7-Eleven stores in Manhattan and aggregating census demographics based on the area of intersection between the buffer and the census tract.  So what do the demographics of 7-Elevens in Manhattan look like?  Well here’s a some graphs to show the results I found:

Looking at median age, 7-Eleven stores in Manhattan tend to be located in areas that are slightly younger than the median for the rest of Manhattan, particularly in areas with women younger than the rest of Manhattan.

median_age median_age_malemedian_age_female

Looking at the racial demographics, 7-Eleven stores are in areas that tend to be significantly whiter than the rest of Manhattan, with the exception of the Dyckman Street location that is in a predominantly Hispanic area.  Virtually all the 7-Eleven locations exist in areas with significantly less Black and African-American populations than the average for Manhattan.


Looking at the comparison between owner-occupied housing and renter-occupied housing, 10 of the 17 locations are in areas with higher than average owner-occupied housing, with 6 appearing to be significantly more than average.




Overall some interesting, but not necessarily surprising results.  For the code supporting this analysis, please see the Github repository I’ve created.  Feel free to leave your comments on my horrible R graphs and the digital copies of any cease-and-desist letters.

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